Boomerang Fu

Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC( 2020 )

Boomerang Fu is a frantic physics party game where you slice and dice your friends with boomerangs.

I created Boomerang Fu over 5 years as a side project around my other game audio work. I designed, developed and published the game myself and enlisted the help of art director Julian Wilton and a brilliant crew 3D artists to bring the game to life.

I wrote the main theme and menu music for Boomerang Fu, and acted as music director for extra tracks written by Julian Sanchez and Ramsey Kharroubi. My sound design was heavily inspired by the 70s anime and hong kong action cinema I used to watch on SBS as a teenager, and it was a joy creating my own bespoke pings, zaps and kung fu punch effects.

Game Design, Development, Publishing, Sound Design & Music
Paul Kopetko
Art Direction
Julian Wilton
3D Artists
Gavin Kusters
David Smith
Teja Godson
Additional Music
Julian Sanchez
Ramsey Kharroubi