Crash Of Cars

iOS and Android ( 2017 )

🏆 Awarded Apple "Best of 2017"

🏆 Awarded Google "Android Excellence" for 2017

I created and implemented the sound effects and music for Not Doppler's multiplayer mobile hit, Crash of Cars, downloaded by over 4 million people in its first fortnight after launch.

Working with Not Doppler's brilliant programmers, I created a detailed audio simulation for the game's vehicles and destructible environments. Tyres screech when cornering, engine revs respond to virtual gear shifts, ground textures are blended together as cars drive over different surfaces, and physics objects bump, shatter and split dynamically according to material, velocity and mass during the game's many, many car crashes.

Powerup sounds were designed with their relevance to players in mind. Each powerup gives clear audio cues about its charge-up time, range and duration. When enemies use them, powerups can be selectively heard in 3D space, alerting you to relevant directional threats, while also sounding really satisfying to use yourself.

Concept, Business, Marketing
Jason Daskalopoulos
John Daskalopoulos
Brian Su
Ding Yuelin
Matthew Giblin
Will Smith
Assistant QA
John Di Lanna
Sound design & music
Paul Kopetko
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