Rodeo Stampede

iOS and Android ( 2016 )

"Most of us could ride a real-life bull for a few seconds tops. So bounding from animal to animal across a raging stampede is impossibly fun, bolstered by easy one-touch controls and tricky challenges. The tycoon side of the game - where you build a zoo for the cuddly creatures you've befriended - brings the experience full circle with some light, diverting strategy." ~ Apple App Store Editor's Notes

"One of the best games on the App Store this year ... an exceptionally entertaining experience that is extremely difficult to put down." ~ Touch Arcade

"This game is really freaking fun!" ~ LonnieDos

I am the sound designer and composer behind Rodeo Stampede, the runaway hit from Featherweight Games with over 5 million players.

I wrote music inspired by West African, Latin and Peruvian music for each of the game's unique islands and recorded hundreds of cute animal noises. I also programmed all of the sounds into the game.

Being in charge of audio integration allowed me to add a delightful level of detail to the game's systems. The footsteps and impacts are procedurally generated based on each animal's weight and the surface that they're touching, re-using a handful of modular sound assets to save memory on mobile devices. I also gave the animals a rudimentary "bark" AI that responds to their mood, an element of chance, and the presence of other animals from the same species. This AI really brings the animals to life, as they react to their environment in the stampede and permeate your zoo with intermittent yelps, screeches and snuffles. Just like a real flying zoo.

Featherweight Games
Tim Kaldor
Dylan Bevis
Dan Graf
Sound design & music
Paul Kopetko
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