Rodeo Stampede

Featherweight Games

  • Sound Designer
  • Composer
  • Audio Programmer

I created the music and sound effects for Rodeo Stampede, which now has several hundred million players worldwide.

Each of the game's islands required a new twist on the original stampede music, and I've now written cues infused with West African, Latin, and Nepalese flavours, as well as seasonal music for Halloween, Christmas and Lunar New Year updates. I have recorded hundreds of cute animal noises and I programmed all of the sounds into the game.

Being in charge of audio integration for Rodeo Stampede allowed me to add a lot of detail to the game's systems. The footsteps and impacts are procedurally generated according to each animal's weight and the surface they're running on, and I re-used many modular sound assets to save memory on older mobile devices. I also created a rudimentary "bark" AI for the animals, which responds to their mood, their proximity to other animals, and their interactions with the player. This AI helps bring the animals to life, as they react to their environment in the stampede and fill your flying zoo with intermittent grunts, screeches and snuffles.

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