Skiing Yeti Mountain

iOS and Android ( 2015 )

"Skiing Yeti Mountain is a future classic. The quintessential winter sports experience on mobile" ~ Pocket Gamer

"Outstanding level design and touch controls! I love the feeling of nailing the flow on each level." ~ Adam Atomic, Hundreds & Canabalt

I was the sound designer on Featherweight Games' critically-acclaimed Skiing Yeti Mountain. I helped write the game's audio system in Unity3D and scored the 80's chic trailer. All snow sounds were made with a custom-made synth patch and a cardboard box full of dry polenta.

We were delighted to have the game featured on the App Store in its first week of release and the game's success has helped raise a lot of money for earthquake relief in Nepal.

Featherweight Games
Tim Kaldor
Dylan Bevis
Sound design & music
Paul Kopetko
Chris Wing
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