Paul Kopetko

Hello! I am an award-winning game developer and sound designer. I make my own games and help other studios make theirs.

I created Boomerang Fu, a party game for Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC.

I designed the sound effects and music in hit mobile games Botworld Adventure, Rodeo Stampede and Crash of Cars.

I currently work part-time at Featherweight Games and help other indie studios like Not Doppler and Massive Monster with game design, development and game audio. I have given guest lectures on interactive audio at Macquarie University and SAE Institute.

If you'd like to work together, please email Paul.

Game Audio Specialist

  • Sound Designer
  • Unity Developer
  • Audio Implementation with FMOD or Wwise
  • Composer


  • AGDA Winner - Best Gameplay for Boomerang Fu (2020)
  • ASSG Best Sound for Interactive Media for Botworld Adventure (2020)
  • PAX 10 Winner for Boomerang Fu (2019)